The new Lamborghini Sesto Elemento and Urus

As a BIG Lamborghini fan, I instantly fall in love with every car that Lamborghini comes up with. With the release of the Aventador a year back, I thought this car was one of the best Lamborghini cars I’ve ever seen (very close to the Diablo and Gallardo LP560-4). It has a stunning exterior, the performance on paper looks outstanding and its price, it’s a bargain (well if you can afford it). The Aventador was one of my top three cars of all time (one of the main reason why I bought Need For Speed: The Run). With the official announcement of the Sesto Elemento and Urus, I couldn’t be pleased to see what Lamborghini came up this time around. However, once I saw the pictures, my emotions were mixed.

Let’s begin with the Lamborghini Urus (FYI, urus is a spanish breed of bull).

– Lamborghini Urus

This will Lamborghini’s first SUV in almost two decades (Lamborghini LM002 was the first). However, this would be considered Lamborghini’s first SUV that someone can buy for regular use. This 600 horsepower will not be launched until 2015. Details and concepts have come out to the press recently, and I would have to say that I’m impressed so far.

It’s promised to be the most economical friendly SUV in its class, it will be a 4 door SUV packed with tons of space in the boot and for the 4 passengers, and both the interior and exterior will be developed with the latest technology and best material (ie carbon fibre). With an estimated price to be around 200,000+ US, its a lot to spend to get an SUV with similar design features to the BMW X6, or even the Porsche Cayenne. However, I still personally think this looks a lot better than any of those SUVs mentioned, espically the Cayenne (I don’t like Porsche). With more details of its top speed, and more specs about the engine still yet to come (most likely a V10), I am interested in what the Urus can offer.

– Interior of the Lamborghini Urus

The Sesto Elemento was a surprise to me due to the cancellation of producing the Lamborghini Estoque (yes!). Now I got to talk a good look at the new concept and read into details and I have to say, I am not impressed at all (disappointed actually).

– Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

First and far most, this is not the usual Lamborghini car. It is actually a racing car. This car is only designed to be used in tracks. That’s disappointing. Secondly, the car doesn’t look that nice. From looking at the images of the concept car, it seems like the designer went crazy over this car. It has sharp edges everywhere, the headlights shrunk, triangles everywhere, and from the rear-end, there are some weird red squares along with a huge bumper. It looks like someone squished the car. It doesn’t have the same elegance that a Lamborghini should have. Instead, its more of a fierce-looking Lamborghini (I guess that design is acceptable since it is a track racing car).

Although I’ve been bashing about the exterior looks, I feel like supercars designed for the tracks will look like this. With cars becoming much lighter, and more complex engineering, this car will be extremely fun to drive in a track. It is important to notice that Lamborghini is dedicated in keeping V10 engines rather than switching them for a V8 turbo charged (more economical friendly).

Lastly, I want to end this post with the price of the Sesto Elemento. It is estimated to between 2-3 million dollars. WHAT? Yes, the Sesto Elemento track car will be in the same range as a Bugatti Veyron. This was a surprise to me at first, but after googling the price for a Ferrari FXX, it was in the same region. Both cars are designed for the track and by looking how the Ferrari FXX ran on the Top Gear’s track, I am quite excited to see how the Sesto Elemento favours. But of course the one thing I find annoying about the FXX is that you can’t keep the car. Ferrari keeps it for you and whenever you want to use it, they will deliver it to you with a pit crew monitoring you. I suspect Lamborghini would do the exact same thing.


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